Tina Lupo's sculptures recall profiles of ancient myths, mysterious symbols wrapped up in the memory of archaic cultures. Stylized divinities and places stolen from unutterable afterlife take shape with a particular naturalness in the hands of the artist. Her art is full of semantic value, which declare themselves in the synthesis of a model supported by effective balances expressed in vertical tension.

The sculptress work the white burnished metal, creating essential contrasts of black and white, that are carried out in an elegant and hermetical succession, touching in its precise and bare shapes, like she would be making an X-ray of the memory.

There is an atmosphere that jumples up the borders of space and time that frees itself from these sculpters, an emotional context in which the spectator feels attracted, a place of the soul in which rebuilding a contact with your own inner self in the eternal research of one's self.

                                                                                                                                     Paolo Levi

Taken from "The Catalougue of the Italian Sculptors"- 2011- Mondadori